Dark Refuge at Running Gagg 2019

The Dark Refuge Team will be showing up in force at this coming Running Gagg. February 8th – 10th 2019 at Geneseo College.

This is going to be an amazing weekend of events. Come down Friday Night to celebrate 15 years of Dark Refuge. Reminisce about the online campaigns and the live convention events over the years with gamers just like you! The first 6 players who sign up will get to be the main adventurers for the game, but everyone who comes down to party with us will get to NPC their famous and infamous characters through flashbacks and temporal events during the adventure.

On Saturday join us for the culmination of the Goblin Land and Glacial Wastes Campaigns with the Last Refugee event. Decide once and for all, is your character one of the trapped multitudes on the planet Refuge, or one of the free roaming heroes of the Draco Liberation. Gain powerful allies, and powerful gear, as you experience the last days before the Marshal Law of Glomhammer closed off the Colonies of Refuge.

Great games all day saturday and sunday! Make sure to come to Running Gagg. Preregister and sign up to make sure you get into our games. Slots are limited and so is time, so go sign up immediately!

Click here to preregister for events