A Blast from the Dark Refuge Past: Do you Remember the Religions of Refuge?

The DR Team has been honing their skill and development talent since we were just a fledgling independent game design company.  Want to see the history of development in action?

Here is a free PDF of our Original 1st edition Religions of Refuge.

Religions of Refuge Promo Copy 2006 Retro

Here is a free PDF of our Revised Edition Religions of Refuge. These changes grew from our Border Wars campaign, a live online game involving hundreds of gaming groups from across the United States!

Religions of Refuge Promo Copy Revised Edition 2008

As many of you have heard, the DR team is in development of an exciting new 2nd Edition.  Seeing the leap from 1st edition to Revised Edition,  the excitement and anticipation builds for the DR 2nd Edition!

What are WE most excited about? Making it easy for a new Narrator and Players to jump into a DR game without needing to know the whole history, all the fantastic races and dimensions, or the different factions.

Giving you great timelines to incorporate different campaign elements to live through the history elements YOU enjoy!

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And making DR even easier to play, with even more cinematic action.

What are you most excited about the DR 2nd edition???