Running GAGG 2020 Geneseo NY

Excitement and adventure will be had by all Feb 7th-9th at Running Gagg in Geneseo

Dark Refuge Creator BG Osorio will be running some exclusive events to cap off the end of Dark Refuge’s 1st edition legacy campaign. With last year’s event culminating in a showdown between the rogue Time Shredder Volphis Starfalcon and Azrael’s Chosen Yohai, the heroes find themselves stranded out on the plane of Awareness (Vec’zne) along with the bearer of an ancient Nightmare Lord relic. Together they can open the way through the Stream of Consciousness, past the madness inside and onward to rescue an important space station, long shipwrecked on this dark and distant dimension. But will the disparate heroes work together to rescue the Space Station and its critical cargo, or be consumed by the memories stored inside the alien Stream of Consciousness.

Also come join the Wisdom Vault team for their Seas of Kansas events, survival horror in a flooded world so very much like your own.